All Tong Garden products undergo stringent quality control checks and comply with all local Health regulations before they are made available for the consumer market. Top-graded raw materials, relentless Research & Development and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) are the key factors to Tong Garden's excellent quality. It is company policy to select only the best sources and most reliable suppliers from around the globe. Tong Garden's Research and Development component is an active arm, constantly striving to keep TG's products vital and competitive by improving production techniques, upgrading quality control measures, seeking out better raw material crops and suppliers as well as keeping up to date with consumer tastes and trends.

Tong Garden has widened its product base to include not just nut products but also various other snacks and confectionary and is thus capable of becoming a dominant player in the snack food industry. While it carries a sizeable number of quality products in its repertory currently, Tong Garden is always open to companies seeking representation. Its painstakingly carved out network has become an asset that can be used to help introduce and market new products into the region. With its fair and flexible export policies, Tong Garden is always looking toward expanding its distribution chain and has awarded distributorship to respectable companies around the world including Kampuchea, Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei, Australia, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Middle East, Lebanon, Mauritius, Nigeria, Cyprus, Malta, USA (central) Maldives, Labuan and the Pacific Islands. Parties interested in becoming a part of the Tong Garden empire whether as a supplier, distributor or business partner are always welcome. Tong Garden believes in growing together.


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